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American Mini Airboat

"Thumbs up for the new Mini Prop!"

American Mini Airboat

Prop: 65" Mini Prop by Whirl Wind
Engine: 35 hp Briggs & Stratton
1.68 Belt Reduction



New! Two Blade Mini Airboat Propeller
(Click image to enlarge)

Mini Prop

:: Snappy Performance
:: Mini Composite Blade
:: Max RPM 3000
:: Unbeatable Performance
:: Light Weight

Whirl Wind developed the Mini Prop™ Series of airboat propellers for today's fun and inexpensive mini-airboats. This is the first composite propeller designed specifically for mini airboats. The Mini Prop is ideal for 30 - 45 hp engines (Briggs, Kohler type engines) running a reduction drive. This is an ideal performance upgrade for your mini-airboat.

The Mini Prop™ blades offer superior durability with the long nickel leading edge and advanced aerospace materials. This mini-propeller has been designed to operate up to a maximum of 2600 RPM, with horsepower ranging from 30 up to 45hp.

The Mini Prop™ available in 63" and 65" diameters.

Engine Applications for the Mini Prop™

Mini Prop™ Blades Diameter Price
2 63" - 65" $780

(All Mini Prop diameters available in left-hand rotation only.)

Unit price includes propeller, hub and all hardware for installation.
Call for shipping quote.

NOTE: Pricing Subject to Change at Any Time. Please Call for Current Pricing.


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