AirBoat Propellers
Built for those who know the difference. Whirl Wind Composite Airboat Propellers are built for high performance and extreme durability. You can be sure we have the right propeller for your airboat.
Ground Adjustable Aircraft Propellers
WhirlWind Propellers Corporation manufactures a complete line of composite ground adjustable aircraft propellers for the light sport category and experimental aircraft.
WhirlWind V530 New Composite Replacement Blades and Recondition Blade Service
Have your M-14 Paddle Blades refinished to better than new! Whirl Wind offers a full refinish service for the Russian Made V-530 / VPEROD Composite Paddle Blades.
Wind Tunnel and Wind Machine Systems
Whirl Wind designs and manufacturs world-class, custom Wind Tunnel propeller systems for wind tunnels and wind machines.