GA200L (2-Blade) Propeller for Lycoming 320/360

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GA200L (2-Blade) Propeller for Lycoming 320/360


for LYCOMING 0-320/ IO-360 ENGINES

The WhirlWind GA propeller series are ground pitch adjustable aircraft propellers featuring advanced aerodynamic and composite design. The high gloss urethane surface shows off the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The blade design is optimized for maximum efficiency and minimum noise. The blade structure is manufactured from theromoset epoxy/graphite composite matrix. This advanced composite structure ensures high strength and blade accuracy in all flight environments. Only WhirlWind propellers come standard with electroformed Nickel leading edge shields for superior fit and abrasion protection. The hub is CNC machined from aerospace aluminum and is dimensionally certified.


The GA200L propeller comes complete with all mounting hardware. Flange bolts are 7/16″ or 1/2″.

Now Available: RV style composite spinner kit designed for the GA200L propeller. The spinner is a carbon/glass epoxy construction. All hardware is included, no fitting or fabrication required. All parts are pre-primed and reading for paint.

Configuration Two-Blades


Lycoming O-320/IO-360




18 lbs




150 – 180


Composite Spinner

WhirlWind offers composite carbon fiber spinners that are already trimmed and fitted and ready to fly.

Construction: Composite

Sizes: 12″ – 13″

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Neubauer-GlaStar-N875ED“Attached is a photo of my airplane with your GA200L prop installed; purchased in Feb 2011. Engine is a Superior XP-360, yielding top cruise speed of around 160 mph. I love this prop! Compared to Sensenich aluminum fixed pitch it results in 20 lbs less weight and 5 mph faster!” ~ Mark N. (Lebanon, OH USA)

Jim Clement in front of his 2009 lindy award winning 0-360 powered Tailwind as aviation writer Jack Cox looks on.Jim Clement in front of his 2009 lindy award winning 0-360 powered Tailwind as aviation writer Jack Cox looks on.

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” I have a few experiences of the WhirlWind GA200L I would like to share… – The engine runs smoother – Fuel consumption appears to have decreased by 5-10% – Take off performance and climb performance is better, by appr. 10% – The noise level is much more quiet (15-20% compared to my previous propeller) – The customer service is pretty good, too!

*The Prince P-tip I had before had a noise level of 77.1 DbA. The WhirlWind GA200L is just 72.2 DbA. As the decibel scale is logarithmic, it represents about 15-20% less noise.

**I have also received my European “Certificate of Environmental Quality – Noise” that can be shared with others in Europe who wish to use your propeller. ”

Hasse H., Sweden Glastar / Lycoming 320

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