Whisper Tip 2.0


The Whisper Tip™ family of blade styles have a highly tapered profile and an aggressive swept-tip that offers superior performance just like the wings on a fighter jet. This design decreases the propellers drag and noise, thus creating more thrust, and better fuel economy.

WhirlWind’s Whisper Tip™ 2.0 Series of airboat propellers was specifically designed for reduction drive automotive engines. The blades are a standard-wide 12″ in width.

Special Features
  • ● Electro-formed nickel leading edge
  • ● All composite
  • ● Optimal blade twist

For blade coating options, click here.


Additional information

DD or RD


Common Applications

For 2 Blade – Small Block with 2:1 Reduction
For 3 Blade – Big Block 454 with 2:1 Reduction and Small Block 500+ with 2.3:1 Reduction
For 4 Blade – Big Block 500 with 2.3:1 Reduction
For 5 Blade – Big Block 700+ with 2.3:1 Reduction

Blade Width


Performance RPM Range

2200 – 2700


Airboat Propeller Installation and Operation Instructions


Dear WhirlWind, thank you for the excellent customer service. Your team went above and beyond the call of duty to get our propeller to us overnight, even with shipping delays beyond your control. Many thanks for getting us a top quality propeller in time for getting out on the lake and filling some gator tags. The Whisper Tip 2.0 blades worked flawlessly.

Dan A.
Sarasota, FL

Engine: GO-480 (geared, non-super charged)
Propeller: 3-blade Whisper Tip 2.0 in 78” diameter

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Hi WhirlWind,

Thank you for the great propeller sizing recommendation. I am thrilled with the results.

A. Campbell

Prop Pitch setting: C-12.5, WOT 4000 RPM, 2200 RPM cruise

Propeller: A3 – Whisper Tip 2.0 (12” wide blade) in 78” diameter
Reduction: Gear Box – Rotator – 1.53 to 1
Engine: Cadillac 500 (640 ft-lbs @4000 RPMs)

Josh P.

Cocoa, FL
Engine: 383 Stroker
Reduction: 2:1 KWay
Propeller: AB300 Whisper Tip 2.0 (12” wide, 78” diameter)

Dear WhirlWind, Just and update for you since I last talked to you about options for my 520 gitsu powered airboat. I have tried several different types and brands of props, and I put on the 74” 2-blade Whisper Tip wide blade and it is a great prop! I picked up a tremendous amount of push as well as top end, just wanted to let you know I think you have a great product. I used to be a hard core [brand X] guy but this prop has changed my mind.

Bobby B.

I started the prop out at your suggested 18 degrees, it wound out at 2900 very quickly. WOW, THEN DOUBLE WOW WOW. YOUR SUPER SNAPPER PROP MADE AN IMPRESSION ON ME I WILL NEVER FORGET. 2900 RPM the boat literally leaps on plain. And cruising at 1800 RPM tp 2900 RPM is like I opened Nitrous, That was just testing my settings. I don’t usually drive like that, I can cruise at around 21 to 2200 RPM and not have oil and cylinder heads heating up much. I have aircraft gages for them, and am always watching my temps. I couldn’t cruise with the warp drive at those 2 RPM’s without having to back down to let the 2 temps cool down. I think I am now getting more air pulled over the engine cylinder heads, and that is keeping things cool. Response and handling is totally different now everything is quicker. I am VERY PLEASED AND IMPRESSED. YOU HAVE A GREAT PROP THAT IS FOR SURE. FROM NOW ON WHEN ANYONE ASKS ME WHAT PROP TO BUY, MY RESPONSE WILL BE TRY WHIRLWIND, GIVE THEM A CALL BEFORE YOU CONSIDER ANYONE ELSE. YOU NOT ONLY SOLD ME THE PROP, YOU SOLD ME ON YOUR QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP. I ALREADY E-MAILED FARON (at American Airboats) MY PLEASURE IN ORDERING AND SUGGESTING YOUR PROP. HE SAID I WOULD BE HAPPY WITH IT, THAT WAS A MILD UNDERSTATEMENT, TO SAY THE LEAST. ONE VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

Morrow D.

I would like to start by saying “Thanks again” for all the help last year in selecting a propeller for my particular application. The engine assembly is a TSIO-520-E. Since these photos were taken, I have installed a new Turbonetics turbocharger. With slight engine work and 18psi of boost, the engine dyno’ed at almost 375hp. (300hp stock) At our elevation of4500 feet, the AB-300, and at 2850rpm the boat clips along at over 72mph. I have to give most the credit to the propeller and you folks at Whirl Wind. Everyone that comes in contact with boat is quite impressed with prop and all other workings!

Jason O.

Patti, Thanks so much for helping me with the direct drive blade upgrade. The Whisper Tip Blades are perfect, and the boat performs absolutely amazing! I will absolutely tell everyone in need of Blades to contact Whirl Wind Propellers.

Bob F.

Propeller : AB200 72″ Whisper Tip

Engine : Direct Drive Chevy

Thanks for your help with my new prop. It arrived on time in good condition and has improved the performance of my airboat by probably 30% and also reduced noise levels by about the same

Very Happy!

Marty W.

Current Prop : 78″ Whisper Tip

Previous Prop: Wood Sensenich 78 x 56

Engine: Small Block Chevy 350 w/ 2;1 Belt Reduction

Here are a few pictures of my 2006 15′ Nighthawk with new Blueprint 396, Rotator 2.68 and Whirlwind EX 3 blade propeller.thanks for the great service!

John F.

Current Prop : AB200 78″ Whisper Tip 2.0

Previous Prop: Wood Sensenich 78 x 56

Engine: Small Block Chevy 350 w/ 2;1 Belt Reduction