The Excalibur propeller features an all new high-performance blade design from Whirl Wind. The Excalibur Propeller design incorporates Whirl Wind’s exclusive structural X-Core™ Composite technology and the Whisper Tip™ blade style with its highly tapered profile and an aggressive swept-tip that offers superior performance.

The Excalibur blade is 5.5 wide, to bring the perfect performance that you are looking for. Now you don’t have to choose between Razor X’s unbeatable light-weight snap or the Whisper Tip’s renown low-end push. Now you can have it all without compromise with the Excalibur.

The Excalibur is available in 66” to 74” diameters, in 2, 3, and 4 blade configurations. The Excalibur is an excellent upgrade for any 4 or 6 cylinder aircraft engine powered airboats, as well as direct drive automotive powered airboats.

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Common Applications

Lycoming 320/360 (for 3 blade), Cadillac Direct Drive (for 4 blade)





Excalibur Propeller Installation and Operation Instructions


This prop setup really blew me away across the board any and every aspect of performance. Just wanted to say thanks and great job probably best aircraft prop on the market.

Dan B.

Engine: Continental 520

Propeller: Excalibur 72″ 4-blade

I went for my first test ride today with the Excalibur, and I was very impressed. I bought the 66″ 3-blade for my 12×6’8 Thurman with an 0-320 and the verdict is, this is a great combo. Previously I ran a 66×34 woody and a 66″ 5-blade Warp Drive. I felt like the Excalibur improved the low-end-push and the mid-range, and the top speed between the Warp and Excalibur about the same (which is great!). The noise was much quieter with the Excalibur too.

The biggest gain I noticed was in the mid-range. With the Excalibur I was riding a ‘fast cruise’ at about 1,900-2,000 RPM, whereas the ‘fast cruise’ with my warp was around 2,100-2,200 RPM. Cruise RPM with my woody was even higher than the warp. As far as low-end-push goes, the Excalibur got me up on plane with just a quick stab of the throttle. It runs smooth and the snap is definitely there too. Overall I’m very happy with it. The Excalibur does everything very well. It’s the best prop I’ve ever put on my boat.

Eric J.

Engine: Lycoming O-320

Propeller: Excalibur 66″ 3-blade

So far so good. Set it at 8 degrees and turns 3100 . Pulled off the hill easier than the 2 blade whisper tip. Cruise rpm was 150 less with the Excalibur. I’m impressed so far. Only got a 20 min ride in. A lot of personal issues over thanksgiving. I will be riding again sunday and will try it at 2800 and maybe 3200. I will update you. I think I like this prop a lot. Thanks.


Engine: Direct Drive Cadillac

Propeller: Excalibur 72″ 4-blade

I have been airboating since the 1970′s and have run Sensenich propellers on strictly nothing but aircraft motors, from 4-cylinder to 7-cylinder radial engines. Then I changed to Water Walker and have run Water Walker until now.

I got the 4-blade Excalibur from you a few weeks ago, and this prop is it! Bad Ass! Low-end push is excellent, and it has the pep. Everything you need, low, medium, high. Pushing a 15 ft River Master, 520 Continental fuel injected aircraft motor, average RPM with this prop is in the 2,800 RPM range. Plenty of power. Overall nothing to compares to the Excalibur, I highly recommend it.

C. Bell & Family

Engine: 520 Continental

Propeller: Excalibur 72″ 4-blade