Designed for Performance

GA200L propeller is a purpose designed for RV airplanes with special attention to top end speed and cruise performance. Design features are optimized blade area, twist distribution and highly taped plan form for minimum induced drag. Even the cowl and fuse shape was taken into account when designing blade shape, twist and airfoils.

Why WhirlWind Ground Adjustable propeller?

  • You only need to buy one propeller.
  • Performance flexibility ; pitch to your performance preference, top end speed or super-efficient cruise.
  • With a conventional fixed pitch (FP) propeller, small airframe clean up modifications and engine performance changes can necessitate a  propeller change / re-pitch. With the 200GA propeller you can immediately take advantage of airframe/engine performance improvements simply by making a small pitch adjustment without the need of buying a new propeller or waiting to get the FP re-pitched.
  • The propeller is very durable with the Nickle leading edge from rain, sand and abrasion. It is well tested and proven.
  • Complete propeller, 13 in spinner and space kits available for easy assembly.

GA200L Construction

The blade structure is manufactured from theromoset epoxy/graphite composite matrix. This advanced composite structure ensures high strength and blade accuracy in all flight environments. WhirlWind GA200L propellers come standard with electroformed Nickel leading edge for superior fit and abrasion protection. The hub is CNC machined from aerospace aluminum, dimensionally certified and anodized. Standard blade finish is satin black.  

Whirlwind GA200L Propeller and Spinner Installation Video by Wasabi Air Racing



Lycoming O-290 , O-320 , O-340 , IO-360
Number of Blades
68 , 70 , 72 in
18 lbs
150 – 180
Flange Bolt Sizes
3/8″, 7/16″ or 1/2″
GA-200L-72 – $2650
Spinner Kit -13″ Carbon Fiber Spinner ready for installation, trimmed and nut plates are installed – $454
Spacer 2.25″ – Complete with all hardware – $349



GA200L  Installation and Instructions
GA200L  Best Practices


My WhirlWind 200GA-68 prop sure is pretty and is noticeable faster than my old FP propeller I removed.RV4-lyc 0320 160hp John G

Hi WhirlWind!! I did a test flight today at 2700 rpm the indicated speed was well over 190 kts with true airspeed of 200 knots at 3000 ft. The airplane was still gradually accelerating but I stopped the test at 2700 rpm. Needless to say, the performance is incredible and I really like the quality fit and finish and durability too. Unlike my old FP prop I was stuck with less than optimum pitch, no need to send prop back to M.F.G. to be repitched (and wait and wait). Lyc 0-360 , Tailwind W-10 Thanks, Valerie

Whirlwind, Your GA200-68 made my already great performing Tailwind perform even better in all phases of flight. Take off distance was reduce by  15%, Rate of Climb increased 300fpm, and top speed increased 9 mph to 195mph on lyc-0290 Plus prop is super smooth and with the nickel leading edge. When encountering rain, there is no need to reduce rpm unlike my old prop. P.S: I sent you a video showing the great take off performance! Jim H.  

I have a few experiences of the WhirlWind GA200L I would like to share… – The engine runs smoother – Fuel consumption appears to have decreased by 5-10% – Take off performance and climb performance is better, by appr. 10% – The noise level is much more quiet (15-20% compared to my previous propeller) – The customer service is pretty good, too! *The Prince P-tip I had before had a noise level of 77.1 DbA. The WhirlWind GA200L is just 72.2 DbA. As the decibel scale is logarithmic, it represents about 15-20% less noise. **I have also received my European “Certificate of Environmental Quality – Noise” that can be shared with others in Europe who wish to use your propeller. ” Hasse H., Sweeden Aircraft : Glastar Engine : Lycoming 320

Hello Whirlwind propellers. I thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the GA200L propeller on my GlaStar. It was easy to fit and on initial adjustment to 20° pitch I noted similar take-off performance to my previous metal propeller (74 x 64”), but a large increase in cruise speed with rpm. However, I could only reach 2600 rpm in level flight. I turned down the pitch to 18.5° and noted a marked increase in take-off acceleration and climb with 2350 rpm static as opposed to 2250 rpm with the previous propeller. In cruise I had slightly increased speed per rpm and could just reach red line (2700 rpm) with my Lycoming O-320 160 hp engine. Contrary to my expectation of increased cruise efficiency, I have better take-off performance and slightly increased cruise speed. However, fuel economy seems unchanged. I also liked the use of Nord-Lock washers to secure the bolts as this made changing the pitch less trouble than securing with safety wire. It is half the weight of my previous metal propeller. This made shipping less costly and the slip of a girl who delivers our mail brought the box to the door with no effort. In sum, this prop really grabs the air and offers enhanced flexibility in performance at a considerable weight saving. It also looks a highly crafted product. Best regards, Simon J., France Airplane : GlasStar Engine : Lycoming O-320

Whirlwind Thanks for great RV propeller kit. your complete kit includes all parts needed spinner, spacer,prop,and hardware made installation easy. Performance is improved and prop looks are something to be proud of. We can set the pitch exactly how we want too for the type of fly we do here. Trio Avionics Airplane : RV-9